Check out our range of snow and ice activities for all ages

In 2003 we were appointed to host and manage the 6th International Nokia Board event in Cape Town. Our role included managing the event from start to finish including production, procuring all sub- contractors as well as the necessary eventing licences and permits.

After this success we were asked to stay on with the International production team and repeat the event in Greece 2004, Taipei 2005, Hong King in 2006, as well as Zurich in 2011.

We saw the marketability of snow for the public and corporate environment and invested in snow making technology and equipment from Germany, Holland and the UK and created Snow World.

We were included in the Rand Easter Show line up from 2013 – 2017.

Snow World has also done many activations in Shopping Centres as well as festivals over the years, drawing foot traffic of up to 40 000 people per event.

Our activations include Snow Ramps, Ice Slides, Snow Play, Ice Age animal exhibitions, Blizzard Chambers and Ice Bars. For more information please email us on info@snowworld.co.za .