Check out our range of snow and ice activities for all ages
Snow Box

The Snow Box - Snow Boarding and Snow Tubing

A first for South Africa.... An indoor snow slope set within a large cold Snow Box, ambient temperature within the snow box is a chilly - 3 degrees. The Snow Box offers a 40 meter long, snow slope at 15 meters wide slope with beginner lanes for the novice and a more radical rail and jump section for competent riders alike.

All snowboards and safety equipment required for the ramp are available for hire. We offer tuition for beginners first on the dry slope outside the box then on the real snow learners’ slope. Our traditional Snow tubes will also be accommodated for the less adventurous within the Snow Box. Also look out for our Freestyle “expression sessions” where you can watch the experts show off their moves.

Ice Slides

Solid Ice slides

We have three solid ice toboggan slides at Snow World.

  • A 40 meter solid ice slide set in a circular downward spiral, starting at a height of 5.5 meters.
  • A radical rollercoaster ice slide at 35 meter starting from a height of 4 meters.
  • A mini ice slide for toddlers from a 1.5 meter height.

Snow Play Area

Snow play area

A wonderful “touch and feel” experience for the youngsters to play with snow, build a snowman, and dig around with buckets and spades.

Ice bar & lounge

Ice bar and lounge

Enjoy a drink in our ice lounge, a sub-zero venue situated under the ramp in the Snow Box. The entire venue and furniture is created from real snow and ice, themed to a fantasy ice palace where trees, walls and ceilings are clad with snow and clear crystal ice.

Ready for an ice cold drink?

Animals of the Ice age

Animals of the Ice age exhibition.

We showcase 7 very realistic animals that lived during the prehistoric ice age. These life size animals are set in simulations of their natural environment and habitat of their time. All the animals have sound and movement to give you the feel that these animals have been brought back to life… Marvel at the size of the mammoth, have your photo taken on the back of a Saber- Toothed Tiger or ride on the friendlier Glyptodon!

The exhibition is fun, dramatic and educationally engaging.

Raised viewing deck

Raised viewing deck

We have an upper level viewing deck with a café serving food and refreshments. Come and join us for some coffee and something to eat, whilst your kids have some fun! The deck has views, not only into the Snow Box action, but also over the entire Snow World.

Alpine Hospitality Village

The Alpine Hospitality Village

We have an Alpine Village themed hospitality area on the lower area for private and corporate functions. Enquire with us to book your celebration or corporate event. Also look out for our themed events like Swiss fondue parties and Christmas in July.

Kids Party Zone

Snow World Kids Party Zone

Our themed kid’s party zone is adjacent to the play area and slides. We cater for kid’s birthday parties of all ages, so get your kiddies party booked now!